FNPVault FAQ's

For your Information


Do I have to provide FNPVault with an inventory list of what I store?

No.   We do not require an inventory  nor ask for one. However, it’s a good idea for you to provide a list of your private vault deposit box contents to a trusted individual or beneficiary. And you may disclose this to your insurer if you wish to insure your box contents. FNPV provides $5,000 of general insurance on your private vault deposit box with your sign-up and payment. Additional insurance is available. Please ask your representative to help you get more insurance for your valuables.

Who is granted access to my private vault deposit box?

Only you the account holder that has set up the account and established a finger scan and personal pin code, has the right to access the private vault room. Your private vault deposit box is then accessible with the only key to the box that is given to you at the time of rental registration. You may set up a second account identification for an additional fee. 

What is the minimum private vault deposit box rental period?

A standard minimum rental period of 12 months applies, but special arrangements can be made for shorter rental periods, subject to availability.

What if I need a larger private vault deposit box later?

You would just pay the difference for the larger private vault deposit box, for the remaining term of your lease.

What if FNPVault is served with a court order or subpoena demanding access to my private vault deposit box?

Your personal private vault deposit box could not be accessed immediately unless a court order or subpoena specifies the exact private vault deposit box number to be accessed. Remember, FNPVault does not require you to provide identification, social security number, or  employment information and so cannot be asked to confirm this information.   Under most circumstances, you would have 24 hours’ notice of court papers being served.

Will I be able to access my private vault deposit box anytime day or night?

FNPVault  is open Monday through Friday (except national holidays) from 10:00 AM to  6:00 PM. Access at other times can be arranged in advance and may incur additional Access Charges.

What can I store in my private vault deposit box?

Anything you wish to store, if it is not on our list of excluded items or materials. To   protect our clients, FNPV prohibits the storage of the following items:   Ammunition, Electronic Monitoring Devices, Explosives, Fireworks, Hazardous Liquids, Illegal Drugs, Narcotics. Our vaults are checked regularly by surveillance equipment and police dogs. If any illegal contents are detected,   the box will be drilled open at the renter’s expense and the contents given to the police.

Why would I want to trust First National Private Vault with my valuables?

Having your personal valuables, precious metals, jewelry, guns and investment collectibles stored in a modern vault, constructed of reinforced bullet-  shock - and, fire - proof materials (as used by the FBI, in their latest facilities),   protected by a sophisticated multi-tiered security system and monitored by highly trained bonded and insured professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year,   FNPV provides its clientele with True Peace of Mind.

What should I put in my Private Vault?

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is the contents should include stuff you really need to keep safe but will not likely need on a moment's notice. Also, think about the original documents you need to keep that are a hassle to replace, like birth certificates, marriage licenses, deeds, etc.

If you carry a lot of property insurance,   you may want to keep proof of ownership of that property, video inventories,  receipts, contracts, stocks, bonds, CD's, collectibles. Rare and precious jewelry may belong in your Private Vault also.

Certainly, anything that is irreplaceable should be considered. We suggest you keep an inventory of contents with your Executor's Letter.

When can I rent and setup my box? 

Our   regular hours are Monday through Friday, 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Please call   470-363-3000 to set an appointment to visit our facility, take a tour and complete the paperwork. After hours appointments are available upon request and availability.

Tell me about the insurance options for my valuables.

SDBIC, Safe Deposit Box Insurance Coverage, LLC, the leader in Private Vault Insurance, has inspected,  investigated and accredited First National Private Vault for secure, safe storage. (See their press release here.) FNPVault supplies $5,000 in insurance coverage for every vault, included in the box lease. More Insurance Value is available to our lessees at nominal fees. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining as much insurance as you wish to carry, when you come in. 

What happens at Year 2 and beyond? Give us 30 days' notice to cancel.

 You may cancel your box rental with 30 days' notice. Otherwise, the box rental will renew for another year. You will be billed accordingly. All default fees , rekeying fees, etc. will be in effect and due and payable to retrieve your box contents.